Sunday 22 August 2021

ProjectBACCHAE - 1st test maenads

I've just completed my first company of maenads for my Fantastic Battles Bacchic force; the plan is to field a large unit of four companies as the heart of the army. The figures are 28mm Shadowforge - available through Eureka. They are quite lovely sculpts, even if some of the faces are a little hard. The one thing I would have liked would have been more variation in the build of the different women.

However, my gripe is that they are made for slotta bases. I also have Shadowforge Dryads which had flat bases and work perfectly stuck to whichever type of base you care to use. Sculpts for slotta bases are a real bugger when you don't want to use slottas! This is the reason I started with just a single company - to find the best approach to make my unit.

These were tacked into the plastic slotta with a tiny drop of super glue for painting. Then the slotta base was snapped off and the metal tab trimmed down to only a few mm, before being glued to the mdf. I then used greenstuff to create a much more stable foundation. What a needlessly fussy way to do it! If you know of a better way, please enlighten me!!!!


  1. I clipped mine off the tabs and then drilled a pin in a foot. Seems to have done the job..

    I had a friend who bent wire around the slot to create something that would hold the figures upright and then disguised this with wall filler.

  2. What I do is clipping their feet to the bases. I've done it also with horses.

  3. I used pretty much the same solution you did. Can't think of a better way?

  4. hey Nic,
    As you use a mdf base, make a slot into it...
    or take off the metal strip under the feet and drill a pin in the hells.
    or cut the metal strip in the middle and bend it flat to give stabilit to the figurine.

  5. I have never done this, because I cannot abide unnecessary fiddle-work.
    My approach would be to cut slots into the MDF, fix the figures in (2 part epoxy is my chosen weapon).
    Then grind down any extra slotta that protrudes through the underside.

    It bears repeating that slotta-tabs are the devil's own creation.