Friday, 14 January 2022

6mm Austrian reinforcements (1809)

After a lengthy Hapsburg hiatus (last mentioned in 2020), I have started the year with a few 6mm Napoleonic Austrian reinforcements and a renewed enthusiasm to actually push them about in simulated anger. I've a few new units I wish to add to the army - bringing it up to a 300 point force if we end up playing Bataille Empire, or a respectable five divisions should we go down the Black Powder 2 route.

First up, serendipitously, are the 1st (Kaiser Franz) Hussars. With their dark blue uniforms and black shakos, they could easily do double duty as the 11th (Szekler) Hussars from Transylvania.

The next regiment is the 4th (Vincent) Chevauleger. This unit is actually composed of left-over cuirassiers supplemented by some spare mounted generals with greenstuff helmets to make them blend in. Given the hotchpotch make up of the unit, I think they have come together very cleverly. I went with the 4th regiment to ensure I got the green coats - not all chevauleger wear green - and I thought the blue facings more interesting than the more common red worn by most regiments.

I also invested in a few generic 6mm buildings. They are perhaps not Central European enough to be strictly accurate for my Austrians to fight-over, but they need to be able to do double duty as settlements in Fantastic Battles (and other games) as well, so I opted for relatively timeless early modern pieces that might also be fantastic... Austrian generals for scale.

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