Friday 9 December 2022

Fantastic Battles version 1.2

I'm very pleased to say that Fantastic Battles version 1.2 is now live!

The new version makes a very small number of rule amendments and clarifications, and introduces two new relics and ten new unit traits to help you build your fantasy army. There are also four new asymetric scenarios included, as well as rules for playing out seiges on your tabletop. 

Even though the example armylists in the original release were only ever intended as guidelines, they did prove popular, so they have been updated and more lists have been included in this version, bringing the total up to 36 different factions.


I can't abide the thought that players need to fork out more money for updates that I have decided to make to the rules - so they don't. If you previously bought the digital copy of the rules from Wargame Vault, you'll find that you now already have the updated files there waiting for you to download.

If you bought the physical copy from Amazon or in-store, there is a free .pdf file which gives you all the new material, available to download from HERE, from the Facebook Group, or by contacting me through this page.

For new players, the completionists among existing players, or those just wishing put my wee lad through school, a physical copy of version 1.2 is also available through Amazon. Just in time for Christmas!

There will also be a very limited, deluxe, hardback version of Fantastic Battles with nice silky pages. The content and page setting will be identical to the softcover available from Amazon, but obviously more expensive. These will be available directly from me  soon (I am waiting on a schedule from the printer). There will only doing a print run of 20 copies, so when they are gone, they are gone.


  1. All the best with the new version. I look forward to picking it up.

  2. Very decent of you to update the files. Thank you!

  3. Great update. We have incorporated many of the new traits into our army lists. While doing so we had a couple questions.

    We have an army list similar to Minions of the Dark Lord except it has two characters leaders with Resolves greater than 2. Can character leaders rally themselves? Can they rally each other?

    All Minions of the Dark Lord units are expendable. Since expendable units are excluded from the starting count, how does this army calculate defeat? We have a similar question with summoned units. Do summoned units increase the starting count or count against the starting count when the unit scatters?

    Is Impulsive rolled after the unit’s action or instead of it? In other words, is the Impulsive move the unit’s action? If not, can the unit perform an Advance action, and then if unengaged, roll the Impulsive move?

    We had a unit shot at while moving through a plowed field (rough terrain). The shooter received a -1 attack die. Since there was a clear LOS to the target, we could not figure out why there was a reduction.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi, and thanks!

      When you talk about 'character leaders', do you mean character companies? Character companies can rally each other - say a captain character company and a warlord character company - but regular charcaters cannot be rallied. Not sure that it is what you meant, but you cannot have more than one army 'leaders' as such, regardless of whether they are warlords or mage-lords.

      With the 'Minions of the Dark Lord' example army, everything is expendable as you say, EXCEPT the mage-lord (who is a character company) and the winged fell beast. The army break point would be based on the mage-lord 'company' and however many fell beasts you choose to take. If you only take the mage-lord and everything else is expendible, then the army automatically breaks if the mage-lord dies.

      Army break points are based on 50%+1 of the number of companies in the army at the start of the game, so summoned units are not included. However, if they scatter, they do count as casualties so they can eat away at your breakpoint if you don't watch out. Try summoning swarms of expendable units to mitigate that issue. :)

      Impulsive is rolled at the end of the unit's action: so you could reload and still move forward, or you could move as an action, and then move forward again impulsively.

      Terrain rules need to be abstracted somewhat to stop them becoming onerous. Rough terrain can include ploughed fields, but also hedges or field boundries, scrub, large rocks etc. Units within rough terrain can make use of any cover available within the terrain, and the terrain itself might impare visibility, even if it does not block line of sight.

      Hope that helps!