Saturday, 3 December 2022

Onesie Wearing Wasteland Weirdos - Bedtime's Children

Generally known as the Onesie Wearing Wastland Weirdos, they call themselves Bedtime's Children. Survivors of the Great Fall, they are ever prepared for the inevitable long sleep that comes to everyone in the end.

With the completion of the last of the onesie-wearers I have at hand, I thought it was time to do a group shot and make a start on the backstory for, what I think you'll agree, is a rather colourful tribal warband for This is Not a Test. The photo above shows all nine in the collection. I am aware of at least three or four other suitable miniatures out there, but I really need to push on with other projects, so this will do for now.

Here are the two newcomers - Yuki and Nando, adding some more melee punch and flaming goodness to the tribe.

Nando is the third of the figures I designed using Heroforge, and then had printed by Crisis Actor Minis. He's a big lad with an unnecessarily large flamethrower (and a pistol strapped to the back of his pack for good measure).

Yuki was a really fun miniature to paint. She is another digital sculpt sold as a 'monster jammie' (as in pijamas?) by Twin Goddess Miniatures - I bought her as a 3D printed figure from Etsy. She'll be used as a tribal warrior with two hand weapons.


  1. Mark from Thailand4 December 2022 at 13:24

    Nice ! I hope they have more success than the hapless (can I say that?) FMRC..

    1. Mark, I think EVERY warband has more luck than the FMRC...