Sunday 14 May 2023

Burrow & Badgers campaign - 4) Caught unawares in the wilds

After the tussle by the temple, the Dirty Paws stepped up their game and hounded the Special Animal Service through the wilds, eventually catching them for another open engagement. This time the Dirty Paws were aiming to assassinate the royalist leader and also bring down their toughest beast - conveniently, both of those paths led to Lady Briar. The SAS were looking to break the rogues by devistating their numbers.

Osgood the otter and Knut the squirrel, both skilled as melting into the shadows were delpoyed forward in ambush, and as the two parties advanced, they started shooting their bows from their hidden position at the base of a tree. Basil the beaver led the charge for the SAS, soaking up arrows and acting as something of a meat-shield for his leader. who dashed past to try to get in an early kill against Sgian Dubh.

However, by leading from the front, Briar was quickly surrounded. While her armour and innate toughness kept her standing, wounds started to mount up.

The wounded Basil joined the fight, forcing the Dirty Paws to split their attack and gang up on two beasts at once. The wee nun, Sister Bridget moved up to start healing Briar, keeping the royalist leader in fine fighting form. Attempting to put a stop to this silliness, Seren the bat flew around the melee to start singeing the holy mouse with lightning bolts again.

Dafydd, wanting to prove his worth, ran around the try to distract Briar with his sling, just as the royal mine, Sniff and Martin joined the melee, directing their own attacks against Old Broc. In a flurry of skirts and fans, Gypsy got the better of Basil, dropping him to the ground, while Tibbot took out the wounded Sister Bridget with a well-aimed critical bow shot that would leave her horifically scarred. With her healer gone, and the rogues piling in, Lady Briar bottled it and ran, leaving the Dirty Paws victorious for a second time.

The post-battle exploration phase was a bit disappointing again after this match, but the Dirty Paws at least now have enough labour and materials to build both a chapel and a fletcher at their den.

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