Monday 29 May 2023

Project Beerenburg - Burghers-at-Arms

The final unit of Beerenberg's (initial 1,000 point) expeditionary force are the Burghers-at-Arms. These halflings represent the elite plutocracy of the city - merchants whose established wealth and power allow them the free time to train at arms. The three-company unit is based on the elite company profile with the militia racial trope and the doughty and heavy melee weapons traits. Although they will hit no harder than regular units of larger folk, their impressive Resolve will serve as a bulwark for the guild units to fight around.

Apart from the single Anvil Industries rat hidden among the long grass, all miniatures are from The Assault Group (TAG). The unit leader (purple bonnet) is from command pack, and the mounted musician is from the knight command pack. All the other figures use bodies from TAG's dwarvern foot knights, with halfling heads. I have to mention the excellent service from TAG who were really helpful when placing special orders like this. The standard is built from spare shields and green stuff.

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