Friday 5 May 2023

Project Beerenburg - Tailors' Guild Archers

One of the joys of creating an army for Fantastic Battles, is the freedom it brings enabling the creation of new factions and cultures. The idea of halfling burghers developed out of my (admitedly a little wierd) love of all things halfling, and the range of flouncy c.1500s halflings produced by The Assault Group (TAG) with their decidedly Oldhammer vibe.

As the army grows, so develops the lore. Who are they, how are their units mustered, what's with all the slashed doublets? I had already established that my halfling mercantile city-state, Beerenburg, was dominated by trade guilds, each opperating self-regulating districts and mustering their own units. The latest guild to prepare their members for a potentially hostile take over bid are the Honourable Company of Tailors, decked out in blue and yellow guild livery of the finest fabrics.

This two-company unit is based on the formed company profile with the militia racial trope and skilled shooting trait. It's made up predominantly of TAG halflings with a couple of Duncan Shadow 3D printed female halflings to flesh out the unit nicely.

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