Saturday 3 February 2024

Innocent villagers for Devilry Afoot

There are three different types of model used in games of Devilry Afoot - monsters, hunters, and innocents. The innocent represent all those humans on the table who are not hunters. They serve as secanrio objectives and complications and are not directly controlled by players. Instead, they take automatic actions depending on whether they are aware or unaware of the monster threat.

All four of these innocents are from the Flint and Feather range by Crucible Crush Productions. Sold as New World puritan settler types, they are pretty universal except for the tobacco leaves. Or could they just be really large silverbeet...?

The wee girl has an unfortunate Augustus Gloop feel to her face but is otherwise a nice model. I couldn't resist giving her a little red riding hood.

The tobacco farmer - his whites are probably too white, but in the dark of the Devil's hour, who's going to know?

The mother with baby is a lovely model too. She has quite a distracted/running from monsters look about her which is quite appropriate.

The wee boy with the hoe is also a nice model. I really liked the mottled, worn brown of his coat, but the paint is too glossy in the photo. I'll get all these matt varnished as soon as I can.



  1. Lovely additions, might have to put these on my wish list.

  2. Mark from Thailand4 February 2024 at 12:58

    Rhubarb Nic. The leaves are rhubarb.