Monday, 2 September 2013

Ariston the Hunter

Back in June I scored a superb wee Glorantha figure on eBay. He came already undercoated which would have been fine, except that the undercoat was black (I use white or pale brown) and wasn't undercoat per se ... more of a slick, shiny looking, generic, spraypaint I imagine.

Well yesterday I was working on some gaming aids/terrain etc and poured too much brown paint out of the pot and onto my bit o' plastic-cum-easel. Rather than let it go to waste, I decided to paint the base of said Glorantha miniature. I have been consciously putting off painting this chap because I didn't know how to go about the lion skin or what other colours would work. Anyway, after doing the base, one thing led to another and here is the result:

I'm really very happy with way he came out. At a pinch this lion-skin clad figure (built like a proverbial brick outhouse) could be a stand in for Herakles, but I am fielding him in Song of Blades and Heroes as Ariston the Hunter.

Ariston the Hunter
Points: 52
Special rules: dogged, lethal versus animals

He will be joining my posse of Greek (well ... Macedonian really) heroes. The fellowship know as the 'Wardens of Olympos' was recently torn asunder by the treachery of Menander the minotaur who left the group to join Erichtho and her 'Acolytes of Hekate'. The heroes, joined by Ariston, a mighty hunter from the north, have in turn formed the a new minotaur-free warband, the 'Order of Chiron'.