Sunday, 8 September 2013

Tumbling Dice 1:2400 scale galleons

My 1:1200 scale Valiant Enterprises galleons (rather ironically) fared very badly in the ship journy between the Antipodes and this island, clinging to the edge of Europe. I rather like the vessels by Valiant, but loath how soft their masts are. The weight of all those sails always left the masts bent so I replaced them all with brass rods. For me, that was far too much effort if I ever wanted to put together a decent sized fleet and so I looked around for alternatives.

Tumbling Dice to the left, Valiant to the right.

One result of the search was the discovery of the Tumbling Dice line of 1:2400 scale vessels. These are smaller than I would have liked, but I placed a small order (last year) to see what they were like. Twelve months on, I've finally painted a few of them and thought I'd share a couple of pictures. The website at Tumbling Dice has changed since I placed my order and is now much easier to use with clearer definitions on which ships belong to which range. There are still no/very few pictures though, so I can't say for sure which vessels I've got here.

I have a few left to do including a couple of galleys. All the ships came with a separate molded bit of sea, but as I wanted mine on regular bases, I dispensed with charm of the little waves. This wasn't a problem with most of the ships, but with the galleys, the oars are molded with the base, so there was a little challenge to free those up.

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  1. Very nice! I have some of the Hallmark 1/2400 Armada ships, patiently waiting for some attention; some day I will supplement their numbers with the TD offerings.