Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Song of Shadows and Dust available through Amazon Createspace!

The exciting news today (for me anyway) is that Song of Shadows and Dust is now also available as a paperback book through Amazon. It is published using the Amazon Createspace website which is also used to print hard copies of other Ganesha Games products.

Buy it from Amazon (UK)

Buy it from Amazon (USA)
Buy it from Createspace (USA)
Buy it from Amazon (Germany)
Buy it from Amazon (France)

Createspace/Amazon shipping is reasonably fast so orders placed in the next couple of days should reach your Christmas stocking before the big day!

As a side note, a little procrastination shows that I've got a couple of other books up there too. Well worth a look if you're interested in such things.

Divine kings and sacred spaces: power and religion in Hellenistic Syria (301-64 BC) 

Coins from Asia Minor and the East: selections from the Colin E. Pitchfork collection

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