Tuesday 26 August 2014

Acropolis now.

I have been following the AARs for Song of Shadows and Dust posted by Tim from Saskatoon with great interest and enjoyment recently. If you haven't come across his (much better than my) blog before, I'd certainly encourage you to check it out HERE

Re-invigorated by seeing somebody else enjoying my game so much, I decided I needed to add something to my mini-city, Antiocheia Mikros. Looking around the house, I grabbed some spare insulating foam from the roof space and decided that I could add a touch more three-dimensionality to my city with an acropolis, or 'upper city'.

Using a black marker I outlined a rough shape on the foam, sufficient to house my temple or a few houses and started carving with a breadknife.

I made sure there would be a couple of ways up to the top, with a small ramp, a broad ramp and a small area allowing models to climb up in two stages.

I slapped on a bit of left over house paint testers (left over from paining the buildings for the city) as a base coat.

Then a bit more (though I had to buy some more testers)...

And some highlighting...

And a little static grass...

And Bob's your proverbial uncle. A new terrain piece costing a grand total of £2.50 and a day's pottering.


  1. Sweet!
    We just got a new washing machine yesterday and while I was unpacking it from all the polystyrene, I was thing about making something similar.

  2. Thanks guys. Appreciated.