Saturday, 23 August 2014

... but I though you said your 6mm Seleukids were finished ...

No, no, I certainly can't recall ever saying my Seleukids were finished. I have to wait until someone starts to produce decent Hellenistic Thracians before I'd really consider the army finished - and that is a long way off. 

In the interim, and while the Hail Caesar shelf in my warchest gets dangerously full, I decided to paint up a few more bits and pieced.

First up, I've added a couple of commanders recently, including an Elephantarch - I'm sure you'll be able to tell which one he is in the photo. I have six commanders now meaning I can split the army into two competing branches of the royal house for a Seleukid civil war.

I expanded my Arab units to be able to field an entire Arab division (two light infantry warbands and two light horse units). These guys are, beyond doubt, the finest 6mm figures I have come across. They are from the 19th century Mahdist range but in the absense of a designated pre-Islamic Arab range, the will suffice nicely.

Depending on the context, their commander is either a sheikh with Macedonian adviser, of a Macedonian officer with a camel mounted guide/messenger/escort. They will support my Seleukids admirably I think, and should I eventually build a Parthian army, they can help out there too!

And lastly (for now), a little light artillery to add a touch of funky fire support. In the recorded Seleukid battles, artillery was only used in sieges and at Thermopylai (where they were set along a refurbished defensive wall. However, we know that they were available, and Alexander the Great had used them against the Skythians in Central Asia, so their use by the Seleukids is not out of the question.

These warmachines are scorpions from the Marian Roman range, crewed by artillery crew from the greek range and commanded by a Macedonian officer (with scroll) and a Roman civilian engineer (in toga). I love them!


  1. Great looking (finished) army, and very impressive scorpions!

    1. Cheers Phil, I rarely say it, but I always appreciate your (and others') words of encouragement.

  2. Well, these are some really excellent additions to an already impressive force.

  3. Great looking additions to your Seleucids!