Saturday 9 August 2014

Irregular Wars - Caribs vs. Colonial Spanish

Last night saw an army of Caribbean natives match up against a force of Colonial Spanish using the (almost complete) second edition of Irregular Wars. The table was terrain heavy which should have favoured the natives who do not suffer from movement modifiers, but some statistically unlikely dice rolling left the Caribs lagging in the first half of the game.

The Spanish (slowly) advanced their pike militia across the ford while the native scouts went out early to pepper  them with arrows. Unfortunately for them, the dice gods had abandoned them and they had little success.

Much more accurate fire from the Spanish across the river started to reduce the resolve of the Carib defenders while the pike continued their excruciatingly slow advance. Behind them, Spanish colonists in a great mass, both foote and horse, crossed the ford.

Once the Spanish cavalry were across the river the match became a bit of a forgone conclusion. With pike blocks to their front and horsemen plowing into their flanks, the natives scattered and abandoned the field.


  1. Nice looking table, and an era I've not seen played.


  2. Looks like a most enjoyable game with super figures and terrain.

  3. Great looking pictures, these armies look fantastic!

  4. Great!
    Beautiful images and interesting AAR