Thursday 5 November 2015

Pirates get the better of it mostly - three G&G AARs

Two nice Galleys & Galleons after action reports have gone online this week which both go to show that maritime crime really does pay.

Doctor Phalanx has posted a nice report of a game where a merchant fleet tried to avoid a pack of pirate junks and make it to the safety of port. Check it out HERE.

Meanwhile the Hong Kong Society of Wargamers have posted a truly epic account of a huge fleet action which saw combined English and Dutch fleets take on Barbary pirates with a cameo from the Black Pearl! Head over to the society's page HERE to have a look. 

And a third one that I forgot to link to during October, Frank Shandy over at the Raft has been testing his American Civil War modifications for G&G featuring ironclads. Go see, go see.

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