Saturday 21 November 2015

Treasure Islands

The fine gents over at the Historical Gaming YouTube channel have posted another video play-through of a Galleys & Galleons game, this time using the Treasure Islands scenario. Check it out!

In reference to the rules query raised in the video, here is a clarification that will appear in the forthcoming supplement, Foul Winds:

Sluggish special rule

G&G p.18, states that Sluggish vessels require two actions to Come About (i.e., to change their heading up to two compass points). However, on p.45, Sluggish vessels are described as requiring only requires one action to Come About, but when they do so, they may only change their heading by up to one compass point instead of the normal two. Page 45 presents the correct interpretation of the rule. A Sluggish model spends one action to change their heading up to one compass point.

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