Monday 3 July 2017

Meet the hunting party!

From left to right: Urgg, Bow, Herc, Idd (the hound), Ogg, Fergg, Rarr, Tark, and Snogg
As we near the general release of Palaeo Diet: Eat or be Eaten, I thought I would take a moment to formally introduce the full hunting party that has been intensively hunting, gathering, and generally preyed upon during our end of the playtesting process. From left to right we have: Urgg, Bow, Herc, Idd (the hound), Ogg, Fergg, Rarr, Tark, and Snogg. All hunters are from Flytrap Factory; Bow, Herc, Fergg, Rarr and Tark are all minor conversions. The wee dog is from Black Cat Bases.

Hunting parties will normally have between two and eight members divided between the players. Each hunter chooses to carry a single tool type; either spears, a club, a bow or fire. Their chosen tool will very much impact on their approach to any given hunt. Any hunter may also be accompanied by a hound. Hounds activate in a similar way to hunters, but failed activation attempts will result in the hound disobeying instructions and (usually) being a nuisance.

Once players have a game or two under their belt, they can roll to randomly give one of more of their hunters a trait. The hunter may in fact be a gatherer, or a stalker - or perhaps they are lame or timid. Occasionally a hunting party may include a healer or a thinker; there are 18 traits in all. 

How will you put your hunting party together?


  1. Hi Nic - are you going to introduce your roster of beasts as well?

    1. Hi Mark, I will do - but I'm not sure yet that I have finished accruing beasts!