Monday 31 July 2017

Sabine, Der kleine Husar

Although officially denied, it is not unusual to find the spirited young wife of a certain senior hussar officer in the company of Lucky Fuchs. So much has her presence become common place, that Fuch’s jäger have come to embrace her as something of a mascot.

Sabine is an old Old Glory USA figure from one of the French Marshals packs - no longer available from Old Glory (USA or UK). She is supposed to be a mistress for one of the officers. Happily, Mark in Perth (WA, not Scotland) has a spare one on his lead pile and, several emails later, here she is.

I know her shako is very French looking, but I figured a lady hussar could wear what she liked. I did a little research into 1806 hussar regiments and it looks like one of the only (the only) Prussian hussars in shakos at that stage were Gettkandt's regiment. Dark green pelisse, light green jacket, white or buff trousers with green overalls. Lots of silver lace. 

In our games, I will be using Sabine as a support option, treating her as a holy woman. That way she can follow along beside Fuchs until the lads are under pressure, then step forward, remove their shock, and encourage them to great deeds!


  1. Shame this figure is no longer available!

  2. Brilliant!

    I'm so pleased she has gone to a good home.