Sunday 30 July 2017

Elysium Trading Corp.TM in action

The Elysium Trading Corp.TM got their first outing last night in a three-way Horizon Wars clash. We played 12 force points each, four turns, attempting to secure the wreckage of the fallen super heavy mech in the center of the table. Opposed to my ETC Pegasus Force was Brett's battle group built around a P5 super heavy tank with combined arms support, and a third force under JB consisting of four P3 planes.

JB lost a plane early in his first turn and thereafter, learned how to use them properly...

By the start of turn four Brett and I had drummed each other silly, with my ETC marginally getting the better of it. The super heavy tank was finished off by a sneaky shot from IRN Mech through the wreckage of the objective. I raced my airborne section to the objective and they dug in around the legs. Then at the end of the final turn, the planes came back. When we went to recover their bodies, all we found of the poor bastards from the airborne section were their boots...

So a tactical win for JB - he denied either of us the objective. But with no ground assets, he couldn't claim it himself. The ETC were in the best position to do so, but were too bloodied to be able to hold the position and were forced to withdraw.

A great game, and worked really well as a three-way battle. Also splendidn to see aircraft being used to their potential.

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  1. Hats off to the fella who tried to take a aircraft-only force against mechs and superheavy cav. That was never going to end well! :D But I love the basing on the aircraft. Hope those hexbases are weighted a bit, or a light breeze could send them tumbling...