Friday 29 September 2017

ADG - Setting up the Minoan camp.

Having previously posted work-in-progress shots of my Minoan camp for L'Art de la Guerre (part 1 and part 2), I can now show off the final stages and the completion of this mini-project. I really should get on the purchasing and painting some of the army to go with it...

When the 60x40mm bases arrived, the painted and unpainted elements were placed out and shuffled around a bit until they looked 'right'. You can see the pencil line of the water edge along the back. I wanted to have a truncated beach on the base, but didn't want water along the entire edge because we rarely have water features on out tables. The overall camp will have an 80x60mm footprint.

The water edge was scraped away with a hobbie knife and a beach area of sand was applied along the back edge of the camp. All unpainted elements were blued down. 
The previously painted elements were removed, the remainder was then undercoated, base painted and the 3D elements (sacks of stuff, figures etc) were painted and given a brown wash. The beach was painted and a clever system of fading blue water into yellow sand was developed. I won't go into it in any detail, because it didn't really work. You can see in this shot that the first layer of PVA glue was added and allowed to dry at this stage to start building up the water. The pre-painted elements were now glued back onto the base.

My regular basing sand was then added to the rest of the base and some haphazard highlighting done. The only thing left to do at that stage was adding flock. Te final results can be seen below.