Thursday 7 September 2017

Dux Bellorum Anglo-Saxons

This mighty 10mm host of North Sea migrants is now officially complete. It's completeness, as you can see, is determined by the lack of space in the box to fit any more units... :)

Although it is essentially a warrior army, and therefore should play quite like my Irish, I decided to vary the noble/common ratios here, fielding only a single noble warband to support my warlord's companions, but backed up by six common warbands (and a skirmish group). There are 29 points worth of units in this Dux Bellorum army, leaving three points for strategies, or the option to drop a unit and take more strategies.

The companions. These are a mix of Pendraken Norse bondi and berserkers, lead by some Late Roman officers (the standard bearer and the converted chap holding another chap's head)and a converted warlord. The priestess on the little pony is from Eureka.

The noble warriors - a mix of Pendraken Late Roman militia and Late Roman Saxon militia lead by some personalities from the Late Roman range.

Common, or garden variety, warriors. These are all a mix of Pendraken Anglo Saxon great fyrd and Dacian javelinmen.

... and to finish off and provide a little tiny bit of tactical nuance, the bow armed skirmishers, Pendraken Norse archers.


  1. Very nice indeed

    Take care

  2. Wandered in from Andrew's 10mm Wargaming link. Very nice indeed - and shows 10mm is great for "skirmish-ish" level games :)

  3. Superb...and very impressive!

  4. Nic: Awesome stuff as always. I need to finish off my 10mm Saxon warband for Dux Bellorum, this might just motivate me!