Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Halflings ho!

Just in time to return to work (strictly speaking I'm still a bit flu-y. but I have stuff that I need to do...), I managed to finish up my halflings. I just have some treefolk to do as some chunky melee supports and I'll have 1000 points for KoW, or 200 crowns of troops for Mayhem

The halfing militia are mostly Eureka halflings, with Magister Militum command pack chaps added for variety - and for the cooking pot. I'm counting the standard bearers as halfling militiamen with pikes.

The halfling yeomanry (and Hugo the Bold) are all Magister Militum, from the pony cavalry pack and the command pack.

This is probably my last post for a while as I am now way behind at work and in life. However, don't quote me on this. There is always room for procrastination... 🙈


  1. Great looking Halflings! Hope there are still more where these came from.

  2. Wonderful job, they look superb...I love the cute cooking pot!