Saturday, 3 February 2018

Halflings of Hearthshire

I've had a halfling 'thing' since childhood. From Tolkien's Middle Earth to the Warhammer Old World, there was always something that appealed to me about the unassuming everyman who would stand up against tyranny when the moment came. Last Christmas, my good mate and gaming buddy JB decided to get me a pack of Eureka 10mm halflings to get me started. On my birthday, he them presented me with a couple of Magister Militum packs of halflings to push me further down that particular rabbit hole.

Having been off sick and restricted to the house, I managed to paint up the first couple of units for a halfling army. I'm not sure what rules will be used yet - Kings of War or perhaps Mayhem? I have army lists written up for both. I'm still not sold on KoW, and have yet to actually play Mayhem. Regardless, here is the start of the halfling militia of Hearthshire.

The Squire of Hearthshire is the musician from the Eureka halfling pack. I really liked the sculpt, so he has been promoted to a leadership position.

The rangers are also from the Eureka halfling pack. There were 10 archers and 20 mixed militia chaps in the bag. The militia are coming later, but these lads are the skilled halfling archer units.

This scouting mounted unit is from Magister Militum. They are supposed to be halfling ostrich riders and while I concede the wings do look ostrichy, the rest of the sculpt says 'goose' to me. Geese scouts also fit better with my concept of halflings as agricultural folk.

There are halfling yeomen, halfling militia, and supporting treefolk still to come, but they have not yet even been undercoated...

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