Thursday, 1 February 2018

6mm Minoan reinforcements

In lucid moments between savage bouts of coughing, I've managed, just, to finish up a few more units of 6mm Minoans for my L'Art de la Guerre Mycenaean/Minoan army. I only have six units left to do before the army is finished, but with each one taking so much time and effort while I'm down with the super-mega-power-flu, I wanted to post a wee work in progress shot so I can feel like I've achieved something... All models are Rapier 6mm Trojans.

My third commander, attached to a unit of heavy chariots. 

Two units of heavy spearmen with missile support and pavises. Given the option of fully kitting out my heavy infantry, I was inspired by the so-called 'Lion Hunt' dagger from Myceneae, to integrate archers (and slingers) among the spearmen rather than in a single rank behind them. I know the dagger shows a hunting scene, but (from memory) Homer describes the same sort of scene - Teukros firing his bow from the shelter of Ajax's shield in the Illiad - so I went with it.

Each base has 10 spearmen, a musician, an officer, and three skirmishers (a couple behind, and one among the spearmen). I will further mix up the positioning of the skirmishers on the other bases.

This shot is just to compare the heavy spearmen (pavises and missile support) on the left, with my medium spearmen (pavises and missile support) on the right. The mediums only get two skirmishers to a base and their spears are much shorter.

My two bases of slingers. It is a shame there is only one sculpt in the pack, but the sculpt is suburb. Who sculpts pecs and abs on 6mm figures!?


  1. What a great looking army, impressive job!

  2. I adore the Rapier miniature sculpts. The detail is superb. I often only see it when I take photos and blow them up very big.