Friday 20 April 2018

Sharp Practice 2 deployment point

After a bit of a hiatus in my Sharp Practice 2 1806 Prussian project, mostly caused by my dislike of paining 15mm Napoleonic cavalry (almost there...), I am back on the wagon. To start with, here is my deployment point. Not as fancy as many DPs I have seen, and not overly accurate, but still better than the plain plastic counter I have been using! Above, Lucky Kapitän Fuchs and Der kleine Husar shown for scale.

The signs are just cut up business card with multiple layers of paint and my attempt at a traditional (if generic) Germanic script. In our gaming circle we have Prussians, Austrians, Frenchies and Russians, hence the signage.


  1. Nice idea and it seems to work well next to the figures. Well done sir.