Sunday 1 April 2018

The Legion of Super Evil - 10mm Night Elves and Co.

I seem to have done a lot of painting so far this year. Here is the third army I've finished so far - and by finished I mean 'reached a natural pause'. The Legion of Super Evil is the creation of my wee lad, painted with some limited direction from him. The Legion is lead by night elves, but supported by other creatures of the night, including hoards of skeletal warriors.

The units above are enough for a 1,200 point army in Lord and Lands (army list above), or 2,000 points in Kings of War

The sorcerer, commander, and assassin - all from Pendraken. The sorcerer is a converted high elf standard bearer, the commander is another high elf hero, and the assassin is a wood elf hero.

The Moon Knights, Magister Militum high elf cavalry led by a Pendraken high elf lord, and Magister Militum fallen elf spider riders.

Pendraken high elf swordsmen - these were the core starting force for the army, handed over by JB because he's awesome, had spares, and knew my poor wee lad liked elves. Little did he know what would become of them.

Magister Militum fallen elf crossbowmen.

Pendraken giant scorpion and high elf bolt throwers

Pendraken skeleton warriors


  1. Fantastic army - the Pendraken figures are very nice. I bought a couple of eagles from them recently that are lovely sculpts.

  2. Very beautiful army and photos, thanks for sharing.