Saturday, 28 December 2019

More pulp testing

A few more photos of play testing Palaeo Diet: Pulp.  Here, our intrepid adventurers find themselves in a deserted village square, desiccated mummies shuffling just out of view.

Aiming to release the expansion in the first half of next year, we're hesitant about giving too much away before the game is in the final form. What I can hint strongly at, however, is that there are three broad pulp genres that the expansion will provide rules for: lost world dinosaur hunting, curse of the mummy, and cultists and gangsters.

Injured by the mummified priestess, Captain Jean Claude 'Foreign Johnny' van Damme is overcome by a swarm of scarab beetles.

The adventurers attempt to seize eggs from dinosaur nests - all the time trying to avoid the mummy-dinos and their big teeth.

Omar tries to leave a raptor nest with an egg, but makes too much noise as he exits the thicket.

A special forces fire-team lands on the outskirts of town and deploy to retrieve an important droid stolen by space-pirate scum.
This game was a hilarious bloodbath with the space-pirate witch doctor summoning multiple additional goods before being gunned down by two of the fire-team with SMGs. The special forces lost their rifleman, but retrieved the droid and then carried their comrade's body back to the extraction point.  


  1. When you say "expansion" do you mean "needs Paleo-Diet rulebook to use this expansion" or do you mean an "expansion of the things the Paleo-Diet rules system covers, but this is in fact a self-contained product"?

    1. It is an expansion, so PDEE is also required.

  2. An exciting development.
    I'm putting some of m Christmas money aside for this.