Thursday 26 December 2019

Age of Civilization

Produced and released through Kickstarter earlier in the year, Age of Civilizations is a neat little worker placement, resource management game from Canadian company Ice Makes Games. It arrived a couple of months ago, not long after the company's estimated release date.

Despite the fact that the title is (ironically and, admittedly, arguably) spelt using a barbarised dialect of English, this a most enjoyable 1-4 player game charting the rise and evolution of civilisations and empires over time.

I've re-posted a how-to-play video from the KS website below, so I won't repeat the basics here. However, after six games (a mix of multiplayer and solo games), I'm left wanting to play more of this wee box-set. The game play is pretty straightforward - at least in its basic form. There are a number of variants that can be added to change game play, and a scenario booklet to spice up solo games.   

Furthermore, the production value is top notch. I can't fault any of the components - and, between the cards and the meeples, there are hundreds of them. 

I'm not sure when this game will be available to the non-KS market, but if you're keen to play a historically-themed civilisation-building game, you should definitely pick up a copy of this one!  

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