Sunday 22 December 2019

Yule really need to check out Four Against Ragnarök

The monstrous children of Loki, the Mischief-Maker, strain against their bonds, and writhe and twist and plot to end the rule of the gods. Ragnarök, the destruction of the gods and all of the Nine Realms is coming. It is merely a question of when, and for how long it can be held off.

Based on the highly acclaimed Four Against Darkness series of RPG-lite dungeon delving adventures by Andrea Sfiligoi, this is a standalone solitaire or co-operative pen-and-paper game for 1 to 4 players. You don’t need any other books. No GM is needed! All you need is a pencil, two regular dice, this book, and the luck of the gods!

Available now, just in time for Yule and the festive season!

You can find it at Lulu in book form as a hardback or softback, or as a digital pdf download. It is also available as a pdf direct from Ganesha Games, or on the Ganesha Gumroad store. Soon to be available on Wargames Vault and Amazon too!

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