Sunday 30 May 2021

Commissioned sketches: And the winners are...

I'm so delighted to say that we have some pretty impressive outcomes from the wee competition we ran in March. I asked people to post a review of Fantastic Battles in a blog or on Amazon, Wargame Vault or Board Game Geek to be in for a chance to win one of three commissioned artworks by Orestix Ermeides, or a 15mm Battle Valor fantasy starter army donated by Jeff Gatlin of Shieldwall Gaming Club in Ohio.

Mike opted for a Tolkien-inspired scene showing a shiledwall of Lamedonians, one of the fiefs of Gondor, being charged by oliphants of Harad.

He's only just and blown the whole thing up, ready to adorn his gaming space!

Michael had Orestix bring his 15mm army of slug-riding, tech-weilding 'Orts' to life. 

Pete went for another classic scene from Tolkein - a vignette of the Battle of the Five Armies. 

He too as gone and had a print made which is now in the process of being framed. The framer in the picture, wasn't technically asked if he'd like to be in this blog, so the least I can do is mention the business - Friswells Picture Gallery, in Earlsdon, Coventry.

Stuart won a 'Delvian' starter army donated by Jeff at Shieldwall Gaming. Here you can see some of the units painted up as Ice Elves witha few additional pieces.