Saturday 15 May 2021

ProjectTroy - more Trojan spearmen!

Continuing the momentum (all that it is!) I have now completed a third unit of heavy spearmen with integrated missile weapons for my 28mm Trojan army. This time it consists of two bases Redoubt spearmen and slingers, Foundry leader (behind a Redoubt shield). and a Newline standard bearer carrying a CP Models standard with the Egyptian top cup off replaced by a 6mm horse!

They all works pretty well together. In Fantastic Battles they will be used as a small two-company unit, in Hail Caesar I could also use them as a small unit, and in l'Art de la Guerre of course they will simply be two bases of heavy spearmen.

I was going with an orange and black colour scheme, not only is it the colours of my parish GAC, but also the colours of an unreliable command within my 6mm Minoan army which is no longer usable with the l'Art de la Guerre 4th edition lists. Sadly I haven't worked out how to use the camera on my new phone yet, so none of the colours look quite right on screen!

This last photo is just to show the new Redoubt spearmen alongside a base from the first spearmen unit built of Newline figures - both have Foundry unit leaders.


  1. Lovely work, nice mix of ranges!

    1. Thanks. Stylistically they are all quite distinct, but I think they can work together.

  2. It turned out well, and that's a nice mix of figures.