Friday, 18 June 2021

ProjectBACCHAE - Leopards of Dionysos


The association between Dionysos and leopards runs deep in Classical art and literature - likely linked to the god's conquest of India. He is often shown accompanied by, riding on, or driving a chariot pulled by leopards or panthers. For my Fantastic Battles army, I am planning on fielding these as fantastic beasts with the ephemeral, fast, and feast traits.

The above depictions are a famous 4th C. BC Paestan krater, now in the Louvre, and a contemporary mosaic floor from Pella (and still there!). 

These 28mm beasties are from Warmonger Miniatures. They are slightly over-sized for the scale - which is a good thing for divine cats - and the moulds are getting a bit roapy around the eyes of the sculpts, but they are still a decent set.

I found the thought of painting leopard spots a bit daunting. The trick for me was to stare long enough at photos of leopards to realise the spots are all irregular, and most of them are actually tan/light brown surrounded by a darker ring. The solution: paint (inluding shade and highlight) the main fur and then apply black splots first, followed by light brown splots in the centre. It was a slow process but surprisingly easy, and the pattern distracts from the inadiquate paint job underneath! 


  1. Nice work. Enjoying this project so far

  2. Excellent! Purfect technique, they look great!

  3. Outstanding work on the big cats fur patterns!

  4. The leopards look magnificent, excellent work. I look forward to seeing them in action.

  5. Wow! Very cool and unexpected!