Sunday 13 June 2021

L'Art de la Guerre 4th edition - Kommagene vs Triumviral Romans


Andrew and I played out first game of L'Art de la Guerre for almost a year this week. To add to the confusion of foggy memories, this was also the first run through of the new 4th edition of the rules.

I ran a quintisentially late Hellenistic army from Kommagene, while he played about with those western savages of the Roamn Triumvirate (well, one of the triumvirs anyway).

We did quite a few things wrong to begin with, but not in a way that disadvataged either side more than the other. After we settled into the rhythm again, it all went swimmingly and and it certainly looked the part. 

The Romans generally made a mess of the Kommagenean left flank, and were badly mauled on their own left flank, while the central melee between legions and pikemen ground on with equal bouts of heroism and cowardice on both sides.

Classic moments to be recorded by non-partisan historians should include when the Kommagenian archers shot down and routed the Numidian cavalry (including their attached Roman commander); the moment the Kommagenian horse archers broke through the Roman lines and rode down the heavy artillery - before being shot in their own rear by some Cretan archers and falling to a man (including their attached commander); and when the Kommagenian slingers boldly shot at, and then closed with and routed the Roman elephants. Above you can see a 1:1 scale statue of the Kommagenian  king's head following the battle which ended when the Romans broke having lost 26 of 23 break points. 

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