Thursday 3 June 2021

ProjectTROY - establishing the camp

One of the challenges building a Bronze Age army was always going to be the camp element. There is little evidence of what you might expect to find in a Trojan camp. While my 6mm Minoans have a lovely wee beached ship. For the Trojans that didn't seem quite so appropriate somehow. In the end I settled for a mule train.

The lead driver is a Foundry charioteer with his left arm bent. The mules themselves are from Castaway Arts. The squatting figure is a Castaway Arts Sumerian (I think...?) with the head from a Newline commander, a Newline figure-of-eight shield slung over his back, and a Foundry sword in his hand.

Can't wait to paint it up - but some archers and slingers are ahead of it in the queue...

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