Monday 14 June 2021

Introducing ProjectBACCHAE - a Triumph of Dionysos for Fantastic Battles

The next large project that I embark on will be a 28mm, Greek myth-inspired, Dionysiac army for Fantastic Battles. The intention is to base the army around a core of maenads and satyrs, supported by a mixture of centaurs, various animals and erotes.

The simplest way to start the project was by rebasing a few 28mm figures already in my collection - a company of nymphs from Shadowforge, and a Eurkea Miniatures Pan with a wee scratch built set of pipes. Pan will serve as a captain in the army, and I am planning on using the nymphs as a company of magic-using, skirmishing, fantastic beasts.


  1. Another 28mm project - steady on old chap ;)
    I used to have that set of dryads, not as nicely painted as yours (goes without saying), but I have mislaid them somewhere.

    1. I know, it's most unlike me! I still prefer smaller scales, but this is giving me more options! :)

      They are fantastic figures. I'm eyeing up the Shadowforge maenads for my next big purchase.

  2. I have long planned to do a project based on the novel “Day of the Minotaur “ by Burnett Swan. I will follow this with great interest and wish you well with the venture.

  3. I’m going to be watching this project with great interest, as I’ve had SoBaH and HoTT projects of my own queued up for some time, waiting for time and funds.

  4. Great looking. Always good see a different fantasy army.