Monday, 7 June 2021

ProjectTROY - more archers and slingers


Hoping to provide some covering fire (and allow their comrades to fight in the shade), the completion of this latest batch of Trojan archers from Newline (and their naturist mates below) brings Phase 2 of ProjectTROY very close to a natural completion.

Don't forget the slingers. Never forget! I always love slingers and I think it'd be a sad day when I field an ancient army without them! These NSFW lads are from Eureka. The are a little bit larger than Newline and Foundry, about the same size as Redoubt, and smaller than Lucid Eye.


  1. Oooh1 Rudies! They look great Nic, If these are neasrly finished, what will be your next project?

    1. Now, I'm not ruling out a phase 3 of ProjectTROY...

      However, another 28mm army up next. A bit more playful, a lot more flowers, and a bit of revelry thrown in for good measure.