Sunday, 28 November 2021

Chariot-mounted thegns for the Red King

Finding myself with a little unexpected time on my hands this weekend I focused my attention on the three Warp[loque] Miniatures beastfolk chariots I've had waiting patiently in the queue. These are one-piece digital sculpts/prints. There are three chariots, each with very distinct crews - and even the composition of the dogs differs. For my Fantastic Battles army of the Red King, these will be vehicles with (I think) the berserk, furious charge, and passenger traits.

The most heroic of the thegns (big-beastfolk-warrior-chaps) is a goat with a mouse charioteer. I gave all the thegns the same Antrim-inspire tartan I am using across the army.

The ram and his squirrel charioteer. The ram's shield is decorated with an Irish trinity knot - one of the other unifying motifs I am using sporadically across the army. I'm not sure that the contrast between the light blue and the dark green is enough to make a convincing shield design.

The wolf and his mouse charioteer. The wolve's shield sharted as just a geometric division, but again I wasn't convinced by the contrast so added a white cross over the top. Does it work? Maybe... The dogs pulling the chariots are somewhere between bulldogs and rottweilers;  I went with a simple rottweiler colour scheme as I felt there was probably already enough going on visually on the bases and I didn't want to mess about with different splodgy patterns.