Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Rise of the Moohemoths!

The newest forces to marshal under the banner of the Red King are the moohemoths - monstrous highland bovines augmented with sturdy battle platforms to carry beastlings into battle. In my beastfolk army for Fantastic Battles, these will be used as fantastic beasts with the monstrous, heavy melee weapons and passenger traits. Also shown is a golden hare piper to serve as one of the army's captains.

As with the rest of this force, everything is from Warploque Miniatures - or Warp Miniatures as it seems they have just been renamed. The piper and the beastling crew are from a pack of tiny wee beastfolk spearmen. The two giant cows are from the halfling range. Once again, a joy to paint and a tough range to photograph well...