Sunday 14 November 2021

Goblings vs pointy folk - 10mmFantastic Battles

It was with great pleasure that JB came up over the hills this weekend for a game of Fantastic Battles. He led my standard goblin army against my wyld elves. Mishaps were unfortunate across the boards with disease rife and both armies losing companies to desertion.

Early in the battle, the goblin wolf- and bat-riders swarmed the elvish stag-riders supported by the great eagle. After a couple of melees, both blocks of troops routed, taking a goblin captain and the elvish warlord with them, and leaving the flank wide open.

Likewise, a large unit of goblins and a unit of elvish rangers - caught in the open - fought each other to breaking point.

In the centre, the wyld hunt launched into a hill giant.

But in the end, it was the clash in the woods where more rangers and a tree shepherd took on goblin madcaps and spider-riders was where the battle of resolved. The goblin dice gods abandoned them when it mattered and the elves got the upper hand, scattering the madcaps and breaking the goblin army.

It was nice to have a win after so long, but it was a hard won battle with the elvish army seriously mauled on the path to victory.


  1. Two posts in two days, Great! And congrats on the win, even if it was Ekves’s (Mark from Thailand)