Wednesday, 8 December 2021

10mm baggage train/warchest

I recently picked up these awesome 10mm my-little-pack-ponies from RPGPrints on Etsy. I think they are digital sculpts from Varus Miniatures (for whom RPGPrints have a license), but I could be wrong. Regardless, the service from RPGPrints was very good and the quality of the resin used in the prints is up there with Excellent Miniatures as the best I have seen.

Intended as a mining cart and pack horse (for dwarves?), I will be using it as a convoy to be ambushed in scenarios for Fantastic Battles. I figure these sturdy wee guys will work well enough for most of my fantasy armies (dwarves, halflings, beastfolk and goblins), although the haughty and elegant elves might have to take a more open-minded approach to their animals than they are used to...


  1. Yes, they are from the Varus Miniatures Dwarf Miners pack.
    Nice job on the paints. =)