Tuesday 28 December 2021

Yarrr Humbug! The crew of the cutter Charlotte wish you a Merry Yule!

What better way to celebrate the festive season than with a bunch o' scruffy buccaneers!? Way back during the first lockdown I ordered these wee vessels from Games of War (sold as the Sea Dog v.2, and the jolly boat). Before I got a chance to do more than undercoat them, work ramped up and I focused what free time I had in other areas. With a good bit of time off over Christmas, I decided that it was time to get back to them!

The larger vessel is the four-gun cutter, Charlotte. I may need to pick up some actual cannon in the future, but for now she just has two brass swivel guns.

The cutter comes with that huge area on the stern just crying out to be decorated, so I tried to fill it with her name - for what it's worth I chose to copy TreasureMapDeadHand font. And then added a swirl. 

The wee jolly boat is a great wee model and significantly easier to paint!


  1. Nice. You’ll be investing in some sails too, I assume? What rules do you have in mind? It struck me you could use Song of Blades & Heroes (all at sea).

    1. Although we own a raft of suitable 'pirate' rules, we'll be using This is Not a Test to begin with as it ticks every box and has all the rules necessary.

    2. We'll see about the sails...

    3. ??? Post Apoc pirates, then ? BTW who is the pirate standing at the port bow of the Charlotte? Asking for a friend …

    4. TNT might not be an obvious choice of rules... until you actually think about them. In practice, they are practically made for it.

      Donna Maria is sold as 'Pirate Lass' by Black Cat Bases.