Friday 31 December 2021

Sir Guillaume le Fauconnier's retinue - redux

Finishing off the posts for 2021, I have returned to revise and expand on my c.1200 (+/- 75 years) retinue of the apocryphal knight, Sir Guillaume le Fauconnier. These hardened 28mm warriors (kitbashed mostly from Fireforge sprues) have not seen a lot of service since first painting them up in 2019. However, in the new year they will form the basis of a small 500 point retinue I plan to build to try out Adny Hobday's Barons' War rules. 

Sir Guillaume and his veteran sergeants. 

The start of a group of sergeants with crossbows.

The first two archers.

Two wolfhounds from the Wargames Atlantic Irish warriors box.

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