Friday 24 December 2021

Bog Trolls for the Red King

The final element for my 1000 point Fantastic Battles beastling army of the Red King is a three-company unit of bog trolls. Like the rest of the army, the figures are from Warp Miniatures - this time from the 3D printed beastfolk 10mm range; I had them printed at 130%. 

They were, perhaps, the mose enjoyable thing I've painted in a loooooong time. There is great detail and bucket loads of character in each sculpt. The trolls have mushrooms and small stunted trees growing out of their fur; you can imagine them squatting dormant, hunched over for long periods of time, looking like hillocks in the bog until some unwary bypasser disturbs their slumber.

I plan on using these chappies as fantastic beasts with the monstrous, shooting and powerful missiles traits to represent their great size, but also their penchant for hurling great boulders at their foes.

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