Thursday, 30 June 2022

10mm Death Coach

The Death Coach - sometimes the Silent Coach - is a lesser-explored feature in British and Irish folklore. A black coach decorated with skull lanterns and drawn by black horses, it is usually a harbinger of death; hearing or seeing its approach foretells of your own death, or the death of someone close to you. Once it manifests, death is inevitable and there is no power that can stop it. It even has the power to pass through locked gates and doors.

Here in Ireland, the Death Coach (Cóiste Bodhar) is said to be driven by the Dullahan, a headless coachman with links to the pre-Christian god, Crom Dubh. The Dullahan's most distinguishing feature - beyond the headlessness - is a whip made from a human spine. Obviously, this Death Coach from Forest Dragon Miniatures has a slightly different vibe, being driven by a more conventional Death figure with cloak and scythe, and sans spinal whip. Still, its a cracking figure!

This is the first piece of a small vampiric army I have planned for Fantastic Battles (where I'll be using the feast trait as a racial trope!). At the moment the plan is to use is as a vehicle with the ephemeral and terrifying traits. That should allow it to pass through terrain and cause appropriately phantasmagorical fear among my enemies!

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  1. Lovely! In a terrifying way, of course. (Mark from T who cannot get Google to do what he want)0s)