Saturday 4 June 2022

Additional armoured units for the Elysium Trading Company

While waiting on a new (small) army for Fantastic Battles to arrive, and 10mm fortifications to be built by Dark Architect Designs, I painted up a few 6mm sci-fi pieces I've had sitting idle. The photo above shows all the assets available to the Elysium Trading Company to date - walkers, tanks, artillery and snipers.

I previously had a single small walker - an old GW Epic Eldar deadnaught (I think?). That has now been supplemented with two more, to give a nice little selection of walkers for 6mm games.

Also freshly painted are a platoon of medium tanks - these are Hunter medium tanks from Alternative Armies. Three sport a nice double barrelled turret. The fourth (on the right) has a longer single barrel, and side guns.


  1. Hmm. Bright colours. Dazzle camo or “shoot me !, shoot me ! ?

    1. Perfect for alien environments!

  2. The first walker on the left is an Eldar “robot” from the times of Epic. Now we would call it a wraithguard, probably. Whereas the other 2 were dreads and had living pilot behind the canopy :). Great little army by the way