Sunday 5 June 2022

Seige equipment for Fantastic Battles

Preparing further for more Fantastic Battles siege playtesting, I've finally finished the wee order of siege equipment I made with Kallistra months ago. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed when they arrived and lost any enthusiasm to get them done. They just seemed a bit ... lacking. And the ladders would do for 28mm rather than 10mm, but that's another matter. However, now that I've done them, I'm not sure why I was disappointed! I'm quite happy with them for all that they are!

Siege towers allow units to attack enemies on the top of defesive structures, and negates the enemy's defensive modifers.  

Battering rams are good for knocking down gates, and perhaps punching through light defensive structures like palisades.

Ladders - these ones have been cut in half - are cheap to build, and allow the beseiger to scale walls, but don't make life any easier than that for the poor sods who have to scale them.


  1. Excellent. Would like to know more about the Siege rules. .