Wednesday, 29 June 2022

More tiny 6mm Hapsburgs!

It might be remembered that my 2020 project was a 6mm 1809 Austrian army. That was 'completed' by the end of that year and I have been adding to it, very slowly, ever since. The army has still not seen action, so there is no pressure, but every so often, it grows.

I am coming out the other side of my first bout of Covid (I am traditionally slow to adopt new fads) and found myself with a few moments to knock out another line regiment. The red facings on this unit suggest it could be the 8th, 20th, 44th regiment, or similar. With 96 figures a regiment, these are painful to paint, but rewarding to complete.

I also doubled the number of jäger in the army - the two bases on the left are new, matching well with the bases painted at the start of 2020. 

Two more command stands - for a (forthcoming) grenadier brigade and a new command stand for the avant garde brigade - their old commander was transferred to lead a light cavalry brigade.

An overview if the Austrian corp to date. On the left, a line infantry brigade with one large unit of Hungarians, one of  German veterans, two of German conscripts, and a large unit of landwehr, along with a battery of foot artillery. 

On the right from the top: a brigade of two regular sized grenadier units (forthcoming); the avant garde brigade with cavalry artillery, chevaux-leger, jäger, Archduke Charles Legion and forthcoming large unit of grenzers. Below them, a heavy cavalry brigade of three cuirassier units, and a light cavalry brigade of three hussar units and more cavalry artillery.

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  1. Slow to adopt new fads? Paints an entire Napoleinic corps, and bid k owes what else, in 10mm or smaller. Hope your COVID wasn’t too bad :( (M from T)