Tuesday 10 January 2023

Famous Faces of Beerenburg, part 1

I'm please to be able to show off the first two characters for my Fantastic Battles Halfling burghers, a troubadour and a meister.

I will be using the this charming halfling bard/troubadour from The Assault Group (TAG) as one of the army's magic-users, dishing out plenty of empowering songs to embiggen the tiniest of of swords. Another Anvil Industries rat makes an appearance, this time though he's a white rat who can serve as a familiar (if required), enabling the troubadour to both move and cast in the same activation.

The second character is one of the city's meisters, or in this case, a meisterin. Bearing the Three Pints banner of Beerenburg, she will serve as one of the army captains. Her body is a plate armoured dwarf from TAG (more of those to come!), with the head of a Duncan Shadow 3D printed female halfling bedded in with some greenstuff hair. The banner pole is steel rod with a TAG halfling hand and chicken/aquila - the flag itself was designed in Photoshop and printed out.

Next up will be the first guild unit, so it may take a bit of time!

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