Sunday 1 January 2023

ProjectWürttemberg - Generalmajor Felix von Bruxelles

Having overcome a major psychological obstacle and completed the first battalion for my 28mm Württemberger brigade, it was only fair to reward myself with their commander, Generalmajor Felix von Bruxelles (sometimes von Bruzelles). Hopefully he inspires the rapid completion of the rest of his brigade in the coming weeks and months.

Sadly, I can find very little information on von Bruxelles himself. Before 1812 he was presumably the colonel of the 2nd Battalion of Light Infantry who bore his name. At the Battle of Borodino, he commanded the Württemberg Light Infantry (3rd) Brigade, part of the 25th Division in Marshal Ney's III Corps. 

I've no idea if he had brown hair, rode a black horse or stood near a scruffy white dog at any stage, but it all seems plausible. If you have anything more to add to that, please do let me know or point me in the right direction.

The general and horse are from Front Rank, scruffy pup from Magister Militum.


  1. Being presumably from Bruxelles, he cold have just as well been there with a jug of trappist beer, a box of chocolate and a naughty wee boy pissing in the bushes (manneken pis) :) But great start to the New Year! Hope he inspires the rest of his brigade to come ot of hiding ;)

  2. Truly superb, I do like the eyes and the dog, nice touch...

  3. Mark from Thailand6 January 2023 at 07:24

    An ancestor of Tintin I assume ?