Friday 6 January 2023

Project Beerenburg - Halfling Urchins Assemble

Kickstarting my new 28mm halfling army we have a two-company unit of urchin slingers. Every mercantile city-state needs them! In Fantastic Battles, these will be profiled as irregular companies with the 'shooting' and 'skirmisher' traits, along with the 'militia' racial trope. Not exactly what you'd call heavy hitters, but certainly a handy support unit.

I wanted to keep them very drab to contrast with the brightly coloured guild units, but not so drab as to leave them dull and boring. Hopefully they hit the spot. The fantastic urchin miniatures are from TTCombat and the wee black rat (ubiquitous in a trading city and the first of many in the army) is from Anvil Industries.


  1. Very charming! Excellent unit, great work!

  2. Mark from Thailand6 January 2023 at 12:58

    Is there a racial trope for ‘minor thievery’ (picking pockets etc)?

  3. Full,of character and charm. Are you factoring in their ability to hide/ blend into the landscape and marksman like shooting? Stone throwing from an early age one presumes…
    Alan Tradgardland